Sportswear trends for 2024

Sportswear trends for 2024

Before we look at current sports trends, let's go back in time for a moment. You might think that sports and fashion are two separate fields, one emphasizing performance and the other emphasizing elegance, but these two worlds have collided several times in the past. First in the "Roaring Twenties" with the use of jersey-style cotton for Chanel™ and piquet for Lacoste™, then with the casual wear trends of Calvin Klein™ or Tommy Hilfiger™ in the 1990s, and finally the serious influence of streetwear on luxury by Louis Vuitton™ in the era Virgil Abloh.

This French term comes from the field of fashion and refers to clothes made to measure with an emphasis on detailed manual processing, made in Paris and limited in other famous fashion cities such as New York, London or Milan. "Haute Couture" clothing is tailor-made for a specific customer with extreme attention to detail and finishing. High quality and expensive materials are used in its production. Sewing a single dress takes from 100 hours and can climb up to 2,000 hours of work. The price, which starts at 15,000 euros for a blouse and goes up to 200,000 euros for an embroidered evening dress, naturally depends on this.

Haute Couture has always been inspired by indoor and outdoor sports and sports fashion in ski resorts. The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is dedicating an exhibition in 2024 to the theme "Fashion and sport: from one catwalk to another". The exhibition shows how fashion transformed the specific purpose of sportswear and integrated it into the everyday wardrobe. The emphasis is on comfort and innovation. Thanks to this, it is understandable that sweatpants and sneakers have taken a firm place in the world of fashion, both in everyday life and in Haute Couture.



The days when sportswear was only suitable for exercise or leisure are long gone. The year 2024 will bring a sports style extended to all occasions and environments, breaking down the boundaries between fitness and fashion. In 2024, sports fashion will be anything but boring! Emphasis will be placed on versatility, silhouette, at the same time, oversized clothing, which is characterized by comfort and style, will be trendy, as well as neon shades, abstract patterns and animal prints. The current trend allows individuals to express their personality by choosing sportswear that reflects their personal identity with respect to world fashion.

The world prefers comfort and functionality, the dominant trend in fashion is sports style, where sweatpants play the main role of the entire outfit and are generally referred to as "athleisure". The name was created by combining the English words "athletic" and "leisure", i.e. sport and free time. The basis is a combination of an informal or even elegant outfit with elements of a sporty style. The result is unusual, comfortable and extremely fresh outfits.


Oversized hoodies will become a wardrobe staple in 2024, whether in shortened or elongated versions. By combining them with leggings, you will create an outfit with an informal look, but if you wear them with skinny jeans and boots, you will get the aesthetics of fashionable streetwear. Look for hoodies with large dropped sleeves and bold logos, patterns or prints.

Oversized pants are the epitome of comfort and style. Expect to see them in 2024 in sports collections that combine the relaxed fit of sweatpants with the elegance of trousers.

Oversized t-shirts represent the pinnacle of comfort and at the same time offer many options for how to dress them, style them, what to combine them with. Thanks to this, oversized t-shirts become a versatile piece in the wardrobe, which you can use for sports activities or to combine them with evening outfits.
We even decided to dedicate a separate article to this topic, starring oversized t-shirts! How to wear them and what to combine them with?

One of the key features of sportswear is its versatility. In 2024, expect a lot of pieces that can seamlessly transition from training to everyday activities with you. Stylish sportswear has become part of multifunctional clothing. This year, pieces are in fashion that will give you style and practicality, thanks to which you will look effortlessly chic.


It is no longer the case that overalls are only fitness clothing. The overall is a popular sports trend and will be in fashion in 2024 as well. It offers functionality, comfort and a perfect silhouette. From a yoga class to a brunch date, you'll look fantastic in a jumpsuit.

Neon colors radiate energy and excitement. They can revive the design, which makes the piece of clothing appear dynamic and alive. Neon colors are ideal for expressing a sense of excitement and movement. They immediately attract attention with their intense brightness and saturation. They are perfect for people whose goal is to stand out or make a strong and immediate impression. The palette usually features a range of dazzling colors, from fluorescent pinks, glowing oranges, electric blues and luminescent greens to vibrant yellows. Each color in the palette has a unique vibrancy that mimics the glow of neon lights under the night sky. Incorporate these colors into your sports wardrobe through leggings, sports bras and oversized tracksuits.


Monogram designs are the bearer of strong brand stories. With a tone-on-tone color scheme, a monogram can appear minimalistic and create a strong brand connection without unnecessary words.


Abstract designs refer to designs that do not try to represent external reality, but try to achieve their effect through the use of shapes, colors, forms and gestural signs. In the world of athleisure fashion, abstract patterns are used to create unique patterns:

- geometric shapes: patterns made of geometric shapes such as circles, squares, triangles and lines arranged in different ways

- brush prints: designs that mimic brushstrokes, often with a fluid and dynamic feel

- bold graphics: large, striking patterns that can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, often with a strong visual impact

- random or loose patterns: patterns that do not follow a regular or orderly arrangement, often appear spontaneous or haphazard

- color blocks and contrasts: using contrasting colors in non-representational ways to create visually stimulating patterns. Abstract patterns can be playful, sophisticated, edgy or minimalist depending on how the abstract elements are combined and presented

- animal prints: animal prints continue to be a fashion staple and have also made their way into sportswear. From leopard spots to snakeskin patterns, animal prints bring wildness, sex appeal and style to the sports wardrobe.


Through the article, we brought you the sports trends of 2024. Try our fashion tips, renew your wardrobe, be trendy, be comfortable and let your personality stand out fully with regard to the latest fashion. Sportswear has long gone beyond the limits of gyms and has become an integral part of everyday fashion. The "athleisure" trend proves that fashion and functionality can go hand in hand, giving us endless possibilities to create stylish yet comfortable outfits for any occasion. In 2024, when the boundaries between fitness and fashion are increasingly breaking down, even more versatile, daring and innovative sports pieces await us. And this is where our TIMME brand comes into play, which is at the forefront of this revolution, creating clothing that combines the latest trends with unsurpassed comfort and quality.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different cuts, colors and materials that our TIMME brand offers. Whether you are in the office, on the road, or just spending free time with friends, sportswear from TIMME will allow you to express your personal style while enjoying unprecedented comfort. Be bold, be inspiring and above all, be yourself in every step and outfit, thanks to the quality and style represented by TIMME.